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Flodden Genealogy

on 08 Sep 2012

Do you have any family stories of ancestors who may have fought or died at Flodden? If so, please let us know in this thread.

Re: Flodden Genealogy

on 21 May 2013

Have recently discovered I have [at least] a three-way direct connection to the battle and the English forces. Am a direct descendant of the Heron and Carr families of Ford Castle, and of the Brandlings of Newcastle.

Is there any one else in this forum also descended from any of these families? If so, any interest in connecting and sharing info?

Re: Flodden Genealogy

on 26 May 2013

 According to my family tree, I have five ancestors filled at Flodden on 9th. September 1513, William Babington, Randall Babington, James Babington, John Babington, Charles Babington.

Is there any information on these men - who they fought for and where ??


Anthony Babington 

Re: Flodden Genealogy

on 21 Jun 2013

 I'd be interested in knowing anything more about the role in the battle of an ancestor who died there, Sir Christopher Savage, mayor of Macclesfield.

Re: Flodden Genealogy

on 24 Jun 2013

 Presumably, he was among the "Cheshire men" that took the brunt of the initial attack by the Scots, right?

Re: Flodden Genealogy

on 23 Jul 2013

 Yes! The following were amongst my daughter's ancestors at Flodden, who were killed:

English Forces


William Hanford (d.1513) (Q118854) of Handford Hall, Cheshire

Sir Hugh Pagenham (c1486-1513) (R226686)


Scottish Forces




James Stewart (King James IV of the Scots) (1473-1513) (R226632)




Archibald Campbell (2nd Earl of Argyll) (c1455-1513) (R226560)

William Graham (1st Earl of Montrose) (1463/4-1513) (R226738)

William Hay (4th Earl of Erroll) (pre-1470-1513) (R226606)

David Kennedy (1st Earl of Cassilis) (d.1513) (R226774)

William Leslie (3rd Earl of Rothes) (d.1513) (Q113292)

Matthew Stewart (2nd & 11th Earl of Lennox) (pre-1465-1513) (S453296)




Sir Michael Balfour (1st Lord of Montquhannie) (d.1513) (R226586)

John Campbell (1st Lord Lawers) (pre-1475-1513) (Q113156) (“of Lawers,        Perthshire”)

Alexander Elphinstone (1st Baron Elphinstone) (14??-1513) (R226688) (“of      Pittendriech, Stirlingshire”)

Robert Erskine (4th Lord Erskine) (post-October 1466/pre-1477-1513) (R226580)

Sir John Haldane (5th Lord of Gleneagles) (pre-1495-1513) (Q113168) (“of       Gleneagles, Perthshire”)

Sir John Hay (2nd Lord Hay of Yester) (c1470-1513) (P55526)

Sir David Home (3rd Lord of Wedderburn) (1457-1513) (Q113196) (“of Wedderburn, Berwickshire”)

George Seton (3rd Lord Seton) (post-1475-1513) (R226768)

Henry Sinclair (3rd Lord Sinclair) (c.1459-1513) (R226670)

Andrew Stewart (2nd Lord Avondale) (post-1468/pre-1489-1513) (R226624)




George Douglas (Master of Angus) (c1469-1513) (S453542)

Sir William Edmonstone (pre-1480-1513) (P56576) (“of Duntreath, Stirlingshire”)

Thomas Hay (d.1513) (R226612) (2nd son of William Hay – 3rd Earl of Erroll)

Walter Lindsay (d.1513) (Q113372)

Re: Flodden Genealogy

on 03 Sep 2013


I am a direct ancestor of Henry Clifford, through his daughter Elizabeth who married Ralph Bowes,( Henry was  previously known as Henry the Shepard due to his fathers ( the butcher ) actions during the Wars of the Roses ), he fought at Flodden, he led a contigent I believe. 

I have visited Flodden Branxton a number of times and will keep a keen intrest on developments.