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Scottish Artillery

on 30 Sep 2012

 Does anyone know where the Scottish artillery was located and who was in charge of it? Thanks.


Re: Scottish Artillery

on 02 Oct 2012

The Scottish Master Gunner was Robert Borthwick.  Recent cannon ball finds indicate artillery towards the western edge of the battlefield i.e. close to the Scottish vanguard of Home and Huntly.   This is not meant as a definitive answer, some accounts have artillery in several locations.  My take on the battle is that the Scots were in the midst of a strategic withdrawal to the Tweed and home after being outflanked by Surrey.  If this is the case then it is likely that the artillery would have been near the front of the column to get these expensive and prestigeous pieces to safety as quickly as possible.   No proof for this train of thought - just an idea after looking at the ground and topography.   Whatever the case the heavy Scottish guns were unsuited to this sort of encounter and would have been very slow to position, fire and reload.   Wrong kit in the wrong place.

Re: Scottish Artillery

on 10 Oct 2012

Thanks, Clive. If I was a betting person, I would have put my money on Robert Borthwick, since he was the Master Gunner.