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No Rank First name(s) Surname Town County Notes
315 William Adamson Morton Banks Craven England
90 Thomas Alcok Emabsay & Eastby Craven England
16 Richard Aldburgh (Abdeburghe) Aldborough Yorkshire England
163 John Aldefeld Keighley Craven England
176 Lawrence Amblar Keighley Craven England
265 Nicholas Appleyard London London England
121 Roger Armestede Giggleswick Craven England
122 Thomas Armestede Giggleswick Craven England
382 James Armetstede Stainford Craven England
383 James Armetstede Stainford Craven England
386 Oliver Armetstede Stainford Craven England
279 Richard Arnald Marton Craven England
325 Henry Arthyngton Rimington Craven England
301 Richard Assheton Middleton Lancashire England
30 John, junior Atkinson Arncliffe Craven England
33 Richard Atkynson Arncliffe Craven England
519 Landowner William Babington Derbyshire / Chesshire England
520 Landowner Randall Babington Derbyshire / Chesshire England
521 Landowner James Babington Derbyshire / Chesshire England
522 Landowner John Babington Derbyshire / Chesshire England
523 Landowner Charles Babington Derbyshire / Chesshire England
148 Thomas Badersby Hellifield & Newton Craven England
408 Thomas Bakhous Thoralby Craven England
13 Thomas Barker Addingham Craven England
161 Henry Benelands Keighley Craven England
434 Maurice Berkeley England
487 Sir Thomas, 5th Baron Berkeley Berkeley (Bartley) Flambrough England
297 Ricardus Bexwyck Middleton Lancashire England
377 Sir John Bigot Settrington Yorkshire England
403 John Blakay Sutton Craven England
106 William Blakborne Flasby Craven England
492 William Blakewall England
300 Roger Blomeley Middleton Lancashire England
88 Robert Blounte Eckington Shropshire England
440 Sir Richard Bold England
59 John Bostock Bostock Cheshire England
38 Sir John Bothe (Booth) Barton Lancashire England
183 Robert Bothomley Keighley Craven England
87 Sir Ralph Bowes Durham Durham England
96 Robert Bradley Farnhill Craven England
320 John Brandeling Newcastle Northumberland England
419 Edward Bray England
117 Richard Brayshay Giggleswick Craven England
112 John Brayshay Giggleswick Craven England
436 Ralph Brearton (Bruerton) England
326 Henry Brerelay Rimington Craven England
164 John Brigg Keighley Craven England
409 William Brokden Thoralby Craven England
343 Adam Browne Settle Craven England
344 Adam Browne Settle Craven England