No Rank First name(s) Surname Town County Notes
86 Lord Thomas Conyers Durham Durham England
339 William Core Rimington Craven England
92 William Cote Emabsay & Eastby Craven England
222 James Cote Langstroth Craven England
247 John Coward Littondale Craven England
427 John Cragges England
91 Thomas Croft Emabsay & Eastby Craven England
10 Richard Cryor Addingham Craven England
95 Henry Curror Farnhill Craven England
76 Sir Christopher Dacre Carlisle Cumbria England
431 Lord Thomas Dacre England
447 Sir George Dacre England
462 Sir Philip Dacre England
486 Thomas Danby England
97 Sir Christopher Danby Farnley Yorkshire England
331 Robert Dansar Rimington Craven England
446 Sir George Darcy England
77 Sir Guy Dawny Conwick Yorkshire England
72 Robert Dawtree Carleton Craven England
195 William Denby Keighley Craven England
307 Edmond Dobson Morton Banks Craven England
437 Richard Done England
134 Lennard Ebotson Grassington Craven England
445 Sir Edward Echyngham England
340 Sir Ralph, the younger Ellercar Risby Yorkshire England
493 William Ellercar England
243 Jak Elleson Littondale Craven England
258 Thomas Elleson Littondale Craven England
23 Robert Elston Appletrewick Craven England
62 Thomas Elys Bradey Craven England
196 William Estburn Keighley Craven England
401 William Estburne Steeton Craven England
416 Sir John Everingham (Eueringham) York Yorkshire England
43 Sir Ralph Evers Berwick Northumberland England
224 John Faldshawe Langstroth Craven England
262 John Falley London London England
253 Richard Fawcytt Littondale Craven England
197 William Faynell Keighley Craven England
468 Sir Roger of Fenwyke (Fenwick) England
36 William Firth Arncliffe Craven England
17 Sir John Fitzwilliam Aldwarke Yorkshire England
18 Sir Thomas Fitzwilliam Aldwarke Yorkshire England
19 Sir William Fitzwilliam Aldwarke Yorkshire England
454 Sir John Forster England
332 Robert Forte Rimington Craven England
52 Thomas Forte Bolton-by-Bowland Craven England
151 William Forte Hellifield & Newton Craven England
356 Oliver Foster Settle Craven England
394 William Foster Stainford Craven England
381 James Foster Stainford Craven England