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Flodden Battlefield - Access Statement (September 2012)

The site of the Battle of Flodden Field (or the Battle of Branxton) is around and to the immediate south of the small village of Branxton which is situated a mile to the west of the A697, about 10 miles north of Wooler and four to the south of Coldstream.

There is little in the way of public transport to Branxton, although there is an irregular bus service from Berwick upon Tweed and Wooler - contact Glen Valley Tours Ltd (01668 281578), and Taxis are available from these places. However the car or bicycle is the most practical means of getting to the Battle site.

The most visible indication of the Battlefield is the granite cross which is the Flodden Monument – To the Brave of Both Nations – situated on Pipers Hill to the east of Branxton. The road from the village is narrow and is unsuitable for large coaches, these would be better to be parked in the village and then there is a quarter mile walk, past the ancient church of St Paul, to the Monument. The approach to the car par is steep and difficult in frosty weather.

In the car park there is a map of the Battlefield and the Battlefield Trail, and this also has miniature versions of the interpretation boards which are placed around the Trail. The steps to the Monument are steep and irregular and are impassable for wheelchairs. There is a wooden handrail, but care must be taken by all on these steps. A gravelled path leads to, and around the Flodden Monument. Illustrated leaflets are available at the foot of the steps, as is a contribution box for those who would like to support the upkeep and improvement of the Trail.

A grass path forms the Flodden Battlefield Trail and this leads across the ground that was the centre of the Battle and through the start lines of both Armies. The condition of the path is very much dependent on the weather and can be muddy, or even have running water over it. However during the summer months the grass is kept cut short and is usually easily crossed.

There is a steep track up to the Scottish Lines on Branxton Hill, but an alternative path is available for those who do not want the climb. Seats are provided at strategic and scenic points along the path as are interpretation boards.

The main interpretation board is placed at the Flodden Monument and others at strategic points on the Trail. Two boards are easily accessed from the road, these being the Scottish Battle Lines and the Killing Fields. A road route is indicated on the car park map and on the leaflet, and this enables good views of the Battlefield itself and of places directly connected to the Battle.

We realise that access is far from ideal at present, but significant improvements are planned, and these will be put in place as soon as possible. Any practical ideas and suggestions to improve access to the Battlefield site would be greatly appreciated. Please contact us via the forum.