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The Flodden Monument

The bloddiest battle in the borders
The Battle of Flodden Then and Now
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To The Brave of Both Nations...

The Flodden Monument, a stark granite cross, at the top of Piper's Hill (or Stock Law) is a quater of a mile to the west of the village of Branxton.

This iconic battle memorial was errected in 1910 and was funded by public subscription after a fundraising campaign headed by members of the Berwickshire Naturalists Club.

In Victorian times this is the place where it was thought that King James IV fell in battle. However, more recent opinion is that this happened four hundred yards south of the village, in the shallow valley close to the road at the foot of Branxton Hill.

The monument bears a plaque with a dedication TO THE BRAVE OF BOTH NATIONS.

The Flodden Monument - To the branve of both nations