The Remembering Flodden Project

Tour of the Battle

The Flodden Battlefield Trail, opened in 2003, was devised and is maintained by members of The Remembering Flodden Project.

The Trail starts at the the Flodden Monument and crosses the ground of the English center division before leading over the crest of the Howard Ridge and into the valley where the English and Scottish centers engaged in hand-to-hand fighting.

It then follows the line of Oak trees up the steep north face of Branxton Hill to the position of the Scottish Centre where the Scots perspective of the topography becomes apparant.

The Trail then follows east along the Scottish battle line to King James' position and then down the slope of Branxton Hill into the valley and the Killing Fields close to where King James IV of Scotland become the last reigning monarch in the British Isles to die in battle.

This interactive tour follows the same route as the Battlefield Trail, and the illustrations shown are taken from the interpretaion boards along the route.

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The Flodden Battlefield Trail The Flodden Battlefield Trail