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The Remembering Flodden Project
14000 died within the space of four hours
The bloddiest battle in the borders
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Item: The Battle of Flodden Why & How Kindle Edition

Format: e-Book

The Battle of Flodden Why & How gives a brief history of events leading up to this bloody conflict.

It describes the weapopns and tactics of warfare of the time, including logistics and the role of women in medieval warefare. The course of the battle is explained in detail and you are taken on a tour across the field of conflict along the Flodden Battlefield Trail.

The view of the Battlefield from the circular road route is also described.

It is lavishly illustrated with colour photographs of the battlefield and surrounding area, and includes details of weaponary, the combatants and a detailed timeline of events leading to the conflict.

Written by local historian Clive Hallam-Baker of the Remembering Flodden Project.

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